uibk Areas of Expertise
Fiber and textile research; alkali treatments; elucidation of structure-property relationships; waste-water treatment strategies; electrochemistry.
Inverse size exclusion chromatography, Zeta potential measurement, GC, AAS, FTIR incl. ATR unit, photometry and color measurement including diffuse reflectance, Nitrogen analyzer, climate chambers, textile physical testing (fibers, fabric, garment), equipment for textile processing (wet treatment, finishing) including scale-up to pilot scale.
Scope of Research / Training

  • Characterization of fibrous materials and films (e.g. water related properties)
  • Modification of fibrous materials and textile structures to aid development of functional properties
  • Solution and swelling behavior (swelling solvents)
  • Applicatory potential of materials (behavior during processing and use); Consumer oriented properties (e.g. heat and moisture transport properties)