uon_logo Areas of Expertise
Gels; biopolymer mixtures; polysaccharide degradation; heat processing of polysaccharides; extrusion; rheology; ultracentrifugation; conformations and interactions in dilute solutions; molecular modeling; thermal characterization.
300 MHz Solid State NMR, Benchtop low field NMR, Benchtop low field MRI, X-Ray Diffraction (+VT), Infrared spectroscopy, DSC (PE7 + PE diamond with step-scan), Microcalorimeter, Dynamic Vapour Sorption, Microfluidizer, Several Rotational Rheometers, Extensional Rheometer, Capillary Rheometer, 3 Texture Analysers + Powder Rheometer, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysers, 2 Rapid Viscosity Analyser, Phase Transition Analyser, Mutek Surface Charge Analyser, Particle Size Analyser and Zetasizer, Field Flow Fractionation, Twin Screw Extruder, Gel Permeation Chromatography with Light Scattering Detectors, Two Beckman Ultracentrifuges.
Scope of Research / Training

  • Polysaccharide state diagram, plasticization and thermoplasticity of polysaccharides
  • Starch properties (analytics, chemistry, solubility), starch based films and fibers
  • Rehydration effects (including competition with other polymers)
  • Carbohydrates in solution, rheology of hydrocolloids and texture, extrusion processing
  • Phase diagram understanding of polysaccharide blends
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Polysaccharide degradation
  • Grant writing, ERA aspects – Complementary Skills