maribor-1 Areas of Expertise
Surface and colloid chemistry; structure of fiber forming polymers; recyclable materials; testing of textile materials; standardization; sol-gel and nano-technologies.
On-line UV/VIS spectroscopy, electrokinetic techniques, tensiometry (contact angle, surface free energy, surface free tension) titration techniques (conductometric, potentiometric and poly-electrolyte titrations) microscopy (optical, FESEM), image processing and analysis, Quartz Crystal Microbalance (adsorption /desorption processes,  kinetics), standard physical testing of textile materials (fibres, yarns, garment), colour measurements, flammability tests (LOI), measuring of ecological parameters (TOC, COD, BOD, AOX, SAC), spin-coater.
Scope of Research / Training

  • Interaction phenomena and sorption processes at solid/liquid interfaces
  • Polymer-polymer interactions in heterogeneous systems
  • Surface modification of polysaccharide materials and analyses of polysaccharide materials
  • Surface characterization of oriented polymer material/polymer matrices