lenzing-1 Areas of Expertise
Lyocell technology; viscose and modal fibres; structure and properties, testing, scale-up to commercial production of laboratory/pilot-plant processes; environmental aspects of fiber production; textile comfort.
The research headquarters runs chemical laboratories, pilot plants for pulp and man-made fibre production by the viscose, modal and lyocell processes from laboratory size to pre-commercial level, and a textile chain commercial-size pilot plant including yarn spinning, fabric weaving, and dyehouse equipment. Lenzing is one of the world-leading institutions for research and technology in wood chemistry and cellulose fibre chemistry, and the only manufacturer world-wide uniting all three generations of man-made cellulosic fibres – viscose, modal, lyocell.
Scope of Research / Training

  • Cellulose fiber technology (Lyocell, viscose, modal process)
  • Structural aspects of cellulose fibers, fiber modification
  • Processing of cellulose fibers, applicatory aspects of cellulose fibers like textile production, dyeing & finishing, comfort in wear
  • Process economics, safety, product reliability, working conditions, marketing and research strategies