ompg-1 Areas of Expertise
Scale-up of innovative technologies and products to commercial production.
OMPG is a company offering different services in the field of polymer material testing and pre-competitive R&D for the development of technologies and products based on polymers. A main direction of its own research activities is focused on the scale-up of procedures for the direct dissolution of native polymers in environmental friendly solvents (NMMO, ionic liquids) and theirs usage for the shaping of the acquired dopes into fibres, filaments, films and other shapes. OMPG has got among other a lot of experiences in the testing of impurities of pulps, solvents and additives, in the particle analysis of cellulose dopes, in the determination of the rheological characteristics of dopes and in the testing of the thermal stability of NMMO in dopes modified with various functional additives like for instance carbon black, finely ground polymer resins, charcoal and ceramic powders.
Scope of Research / Training

  • Cellulose fiber technology
  • Lyocell technology for specialty fibers
  • Technology of polysaccharide-polysaccharide blends
  • Scale-up of laboratory/pilot-scale processes
  • Processing of cellulose fibers
  • Applicatory aspects of specialty products
  • Chemical analyses, optical characterization, and material testing
  • Quality and quality assurance
  • Recycling of materials