ifr-1 Areas of Expertise
Studying ultrastructure of starch using a range of microscopies; researching bio-activity of cell-wall polysaccharides (e.g. pectin or ß-glucans); use of natural polysaccharides in the design and nano-assembly of coatings, barriers, encapsulation and release devices; deconstruction of plant cell walls and utilization of products; studying nature of interactions between cell wall biopolymers to the apply the knowledge in designing new biomaterials.
Co-located and collaborative relationship with the John Innes Centre (JIC), Europe’s largest and most successful independent centre of excellence for plant and microbial science.
Scope of Research / Training

  • Structure of polysaccharides in natural materials
  • Shaping of polysaccharide based materials (coatings, barriers)
  • Recycling and utilization of polysaccharide materials from plant wastes
  • Carbohydrates in food and pharmaceutical products